To My Younger Self.

Archie?s talk put?s together the lesson?s he?s had from building a successful gym, and describes it in a way which is to his younger self, hoping to inspire and aid people that are like he was, just starting their career.

?You will have had people say that you can do well. That is good. You will have had compliments from friends and family about your natural aptitudes which will make you beam. From these, you are going to believe that you can do something great. You will get your chance, but don?t wait for it, and don?t listen to discouragement from society or the funnel of the education system. There are many ways of learning. Here are three lessons you are going to learn along the way, and I hope that this is going to be helpful to you. Take these lessons and use them. They won?t always be relevant, but use them when they are.

Uncomfortable conversations are the key to your success. You need to sit there and feel completely vulnerable, about what the other person may want, or the ?power? they have over you. These conversations are of great value to your own personal growth and success.

Price yourself right. Charge yourself out at a wage that is fair, but costly enough that you are happy working for it, and that they appreciate your time as much as you appreciate their money. You will be working hard and sacrificing a lot to be where you are now. Martyrdom is not where you want to be.

Never give up. The solutions to your problems are staring you right in the face, you just have to relax enough to see them. When things seem difficult, or insurmountable, stop. Take a step back, and survey what is really going on. You may need to take several steps back.?

Archie Cunningham:

He currently is owner of Archie?s Gymnasium, Home of CrossFit Chichester, and teaches classes and personal training. He is married to Lydia, and has two boys, Henry and Charlie.

Of his career he spent his early twenties, like many early twenty year olds, finishing off his degree and not really knowing what he wanted out of life. His major passion came, when he spotted an opportunity to set up a CrossFit gym in Chichester.

Since opening the gym in 2013, he?s been dedicated and focused totally on building people?s fitness, and helping them become healthier and happier individuals with his passion and drive to see people succeed.

His overriding philosophy is making fitness a manageable part of everyone?s life.