David Reich – Observationist

Bio: David took an interest in magic as many youngsters do, at age 12. Growing up in New York City, he had the good fortune to be able to learn from the stars of the day as well as those who would shape the art for years to come. Following ?the path?, David learned card and coin effects to show friends and family and started working the birthday party circuit. He found himself, though, starting to follow a more traditional career path, in technology and management. Throughout his career in software, David never lost his love for the art of magic and kept it part of his world bringing it to business dealings, through friends, the occasional performance, and a passion for learning. In his travels, David wanted to do more than just some tricks, and branched out into mentalism and hypnosis, and began to wrestle with who he wanted to be a performer. Magician? Hypnotist? Mind Reader? Through all of his experiences, David realized his true passion was observation. Observing how people react to seeing the impossible before their eyes. Observing how people communicate and learn; how they are affected by visual, auditory and social cues; all affecting how they process the world around them. He found his calling in his performances and demonstrations. David brought all this together with magic, mentalism and hypnosis, and became The Observationist.

The TEDx Talk: David will take you on an entertaining and enlightening journey into seeing what you miss what’s going on right in front of you. This talk explores how people process information and through social cues and human tendency towards pattern-based behaviour, people are hypnotized, on highways, patterned, into doing without being aware, and acting, on conditioned social behaviours. Through these stories and experiments, and an interactive demonstration of Sherlock Holmesian observation, David will show how you too can be an observationist.?www.davereich.com