There’s a Training Revolution coming .. are you ready?“For too long, too many training providers have been delivering poor content -badly,” argues Graham David. ?”Whether it’s the uninspired tutor standing reading slide after slide to learners who are fast losing consciousness, or the ?wacky? action packed session which seems lots of fun but demonstrates little use back in the workplace, it’s time Learning and Development got an overhaul. ?Whilst the better use of e-learning, snazzy slides or improved Facilitator skills may help, this presentation proposes that, in isolation, none of these things are enough to make the changes needed.” ?Instead, Graham calls for “…a Training Revolution – a chance for teachers, tutors, facilitators and trainers to re-define what we teach and why, allowing us to re-claim our relevance in the marketplace.?
?Graham David?is the founder of Blue Beetle Productions Ltd, a professional training and coaching company he created in 1996 after he found a gap in the market for live case study and drama-centred learning.

He has since become an award-winning speaker, presenter, trainer, actor and author who challenges his audiences to look deeper, think smarter and create better as a result.?

Whether it is leadership in management, HR skills, presentation and communications or customer service and sales, Graham has considerable experience in delivering events across many sectors from transport to travel in both the public and private sector.

With genuine passion and flair for his subject, he is humorous with case study content and can personalise presentations to suit serious themes, ensuring they make a lasting impression and provide great take away value.

He has worked with big corporate companies as well as up-and-coming entrepreneurs.?

Clients have included: Jaguar Land Rover, Coca-Cola, DHL, ASDA-Walmart, Halfords and Muller

Graham works closely with his clients to deliver the best training – with presentation skills and leadership/management at the core. Technical subjects include Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) training up to Master Practitioner level, Coaching & Mentoring and Conference Speaking.