When your message is bigger than your fear, then you’ll do what it takes to share it.

Drawing on her personal experiences, Karen Williams will share her journey as ‘the mouse that roars’. As a child, she was incredibly shy and that introversion had a huge impact on her early years.

Not one to let adversity and fears hold her back, she’ll talk about some of the things she’s learnt that have transformed her life. These lessons have given her the courage to not only set up a successful business and become a bestselling author, but also do crazy things like jumping out of a plane, walking on hot coals, and speaking about her experiences.

Karen believes that we’ve all got a story to tell or wisdom to teach. She wants to encourage more people to make the leap and get their message out there, and use their knowledge and experience to inspire and educate others.

A coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Book Mentor, Karen Williams from Librotas helps business owners to write and publish a book that grows their business, raises their credibility and attracts more clients. She helps them to overcome their fears, have the courage to share their wisdom and story, and change lives through their writing.

She is the bestselling author of?Book Marketing Made Simple,?The Mouse That Roars,?Your Book is the Hook,?How to Stand Out in Your Business,?and?The Secrets of Successful Coaches.