Innovating the Impossible

Vertical innovation can advance sectors, but additional dimensions of innovation can make the impossible happen. Creating an innovation mindset means examining how we?re taught to think and how we structure industry. By changing how we expect kids to think we can encourage more ? including girls ? into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and inspire them to think in new and novel ways. By changing industry structure can encourage new forms of innovation which both creates new revenue opportunities and inspires further innovative thought.

Maria Ingold is a strategic and technical innovator. Mixing a background in Computer Science and Fine Art, she specialises in visual technology and emerging tech. Maria loves monetising great content. She?s a BAFTA film and TV judge who watches 150 films per year. Her passion has driven a 25-year international track record creating emerging visual technology across film and TV, video, games and digital media.

Maria heads strategic and technical innovation consultancy, mireality, advising the media, broadcast and telecoms industry, including into emerging markets and on small islands. She is also on the Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Essex, School of Computer Science and Engineering.

As the former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for FilmFlex Movies, jointly owned by Sony and Disney, Maria led the delivery of some of the most successful on-demand movie services in Europe, including for Virgin Media cable and broadcaster Channel 4.

She started her career helping innovate the beginning of 3D computer gaming and was part of inventing the beginning of multimedia ? audio, video and games ? on computers.

Maria is also global public speaker, a writer, an artist and occasionally an actress.