Nick Kalargeros

Damage Control Your Daily Life – Unlock your creativity and live in harmony

Nick Kalargeros is a specialist engineer creating simulations which help the motor industry protect not only car occupants in a crash, but the unfortunate pedestrian or cyclist too.

After beginning his career in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, Nick began to use his simulations to improve car safety. His instinct to protect those outside yet preserve a cars beautiful proportion was a smart hunch – it?s now embedded in many vehicles and Nick won the Henry Ford Award in 2006 for his innovations.

Through creating realistic simulations, Nick became interested in the rhythms and patterns which emerge. Outside work, and in a quest to better understand himself and his health problems, he turned this awareness to other human behaviour.

While in his professional life, Nick continues to protect people in car crashes, he is increasingly passionate about helping people protect their bodies and minds from our modern world. He recently qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, studies the work of philosophers and spiritual leaders, and practises yoga.

Nick is married to Sarah and they have two children, Theo and Danai.

Damage Control Your Daily Life - Unlock your creativity and live in harmony

To perform at the peak of our creativity, we must eliminate exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression. Whether ?creativity? for you means problem-solving, artistic pursuits or innovation, Nick Kalargeros explains how we can reach our optimal mental fitness by tuning into the natural rhythms of the natural world.

Nick himself reached burn-out in 2014 when a series of health problems compelled him to start a journey to improve his life from the inside out.

Using his expertise gained creating simulations to improve car crash safety, Nick explores the forces acting on our daily lives. Through simulations, he demonstrates how our linear, commercially-driven, competitive Western lifestyle is out of step with reality.

Nick aims to help others understand the ?bigger picture? so we can adjust to living more in harmony with how the world really works. And he argues that as we minimise the damage to ourselves, we become more creative in all our areas of our life.