Taz Thornton has been there, done it and seen it in ways that will make you change your view of the world and want to do better.?

As a high-flying corporate director, she appeared to have the world in her palm ? nobody could see her crumbling beneath the pinstripes. She rebuilt after breaking her back at 21, then fought back after the breakdown at 33 that saw her seeking wisdom from shamans and medicine people, as well as using everything in her NLP and coaching toolkit to reconstruct her life.

That breakDOWN turned out to be Taz?s breakTHROUGH, and she?s now impacting people far and wide as the UK?s #1 Inspirational Breakthrough Speaker, best selling author, seminar leader and coach.?

Also trained in firewalking, Taz often builds extreme empowerment into her #UnleashYourAwesome brand of workshops and seminars; it’s not unusual to find people having huge breakthrough moments at her events, walking safely across broken glass or breaking arrows with their bare throat. It is, perhaps, not surprising to hear people referring to her work as ‘life-changing’

Taz’s latest book – Unleash Your Awesome (from Motivational Press) – touches on some of life’s toughest experiences with tear-inducing honesty, provides very real opportunities to learn and grow, whatever life throws at us, and encourages us to stop moaning and start owning.?

Taz’s first book – Whispers From The Earth (Moon Books) – is an anthology of channelled teaching stories and is still hitting the Amazon best sellers list in its category. She is currently working on ‘More Whispers From The Earth’, again for Moon Books, and a fourth book – Hippy Shit – has already been optioned.